No one wants to deal with any pest invasion in the home, but as the weather turns colder, seeing some pests is almost unavoidable. Silverfish are one of those problematic creatures, and if you’re seeing more of them in your home this season, you’re certainly not alone.

What Do They Look Like?

silverfish - WPC Pest ControlSilverfish are usually a brown or slightly blue color, but they all have an almost metallic appearance. They have a teardrop shape, and are typically around 15 millimeters in length. They have three long bristles at the end of each one, and they grow from an egg to an adult size without ever physically changing their appearance. They don’t have any wings, but they do have two long antennae. They can live up to eight years.

What Do They Eat?

Silverfish look for carbohydrates, and they can be found throughout your home. They’ll eat the glue in your books, dead insects inside your home, even your shampoo. You may also find them in your food packages too.

Where Do They Live?

Once inside your home, they’re likely to live in a number of different places. They tend to need a higher humidity level to survive, so they’re going to look for moist places. What’s more, though, is that they cannot tolerate the cold, so the temperature is usually between 70 and 80 degrees when they show up. At night, you’ll usually see them on the lower level of your home. Given that they’re nocturnal, you typically won’t find them at all during the day. They often take to the cracks and crevices during waking hours.

What Can I Do?

If you have a problem with silverfish in your house, your best bet is to contact professional pest control services immediately. They can be difficult to control, and while they’re not a dangerous pest, they’re also not one you want running around your house all winter.