It’s that time of year again in Indiana for the annual battle with the moles in your yard. Tunnels digging up your plants destroy your carefully landscaped yard and there’s one culprit to blame: moles.  

Many people try a variety of home remedies.  Home remedies can do more harm than good so you must be careful when attempting to take care of the moles in yard by yourself. Many homeowners do not realize the damage they can do to their yard and should consult a pest control service early in the process to limit further damage.  

the moles   Young Environmental SolutionsAs an environmentally conscious homeowner, poisons have no place in your backyard. Poisons harm other animals like your pets, hurt plant life in your yard and get into your drinking water after entering the water supply. There are natural repellents on the market but homeowners have experienced very little success using these products.  

Those that are concerned about environmental issues will also commonly turn to a technique that involves flooding out the moles. These attempts are unsuccessful because moles prefer to live in a moist environment.  

After the initial flood, the water creates an ideal home for moles in your yard. In trying to get rid of the moles, you actually end up with more moles in your yard than you started with. This means more tunnels and more damage to your yard.  

The final technique that homeowners try is the use of traps to get rid of moles. The placement of the traps is particularly important and should be placed at the mouth of active tunnels. The time of year is also important, as during the spring you can catch pregnant females. Pest control specialists can help you place traps correctly and provide advice on when it’s best to use them.  

Once you have trapped the moles, you still have to deal with them! No matter how far away you place the moles, more will return because your yard is still an ideal environment for moles.  

All home remedies are ultimately temporary and for the most effective way to deal with moles, call your pest control specialist for assistance. A pest control service will remove the moles food supply of grubs and change the environment in your yard. By calling a pest control service, you can reduce the amount of damage to your yard and start looking at your beautifully landscaped yard once again!