In My Food?  Yuck!  
There’s nothing more disturbing than discovering an infestation of any kind of bug in your pantry. The pantry is where you keep all your foodstuffs from pasta to jarred goodies.  It’s supposed to be a place of plenty, a place of storage for future meals.  A cozy place full of food.  But when pests invade, they want to get comfortable in your pantry too. 
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 It can be quite a shock to switch on the light in your pantry only to see cockroaches scurrying for cover.  This is not acceptable, and the sooner something is done about it, the better.  Pests will only ruin your food and spread diseases and parasites in your lovely pantry.  If you think you may have a problem, don’t wait and see if the issue sorts itself out – you need to act and fast.  

Various Pantry Pests  
There are a lot of different pests that are keen on hiding out in the pantry area.  Cockroaches, silverfish, moth larvae, and other beetles and insects are always on the hunt for an easy or otherwise accessible meal.  Grain products are a particular favorite, such as pastas, cereal, and flour.  Packaging doesn’t always have to be already opened, either.  Some pests, such as silverfish and moth larvae, don’t have any problems whatsoever chewing through packaging in order to get at the foods inside.  In fact, silverfish have been known to be one of the worst offenders when it comes to ruining intact packaging.  

What’s more, pests can leave excretions everywhere they go, so even food that does not look to be damaged may still be ruined.  Pests can also carry bacteria and parasites, and the simple act of walking on food can leave unwanted things behind.  It can be extremely frustrating to throw out an entire bag of flour or package of crackers because you discover a few things have been compromised.  

Getting Rid of Uninvited Guests  
The moment you discover something amiss in your pantry, call an exterminator.  Most offer free evaluations and can then tell you what is happening in your pantry when you aren’t around.  They can tell you which pests are breaking into your stored goods and what can be done about them.  Young Environmental Solutions has excellent green products and policies that you can feel good about when it comes to treatments.  You can get rid of unwanted pests and prevent them from ever returning.