It’s not fair. Every night you unwillingly share your bed and home with nasty little invaders you could certainly do without: bed bugs. These pesky little critters are most known for infesting beds, but they don’t stop there. Beg bugs can also be found in furniture, clothing, carpeting and other places where they can thrive in darkness and secrecy. Like tiny little vampires, they live on your blood and make your precious belongings their everyday hangout.

If you are like most people, you have already taken the DIY (Do It Yourself) route. No one wants to pay for what they can do themselves, so you did a little online research and then went out and equipped yourself with all the bed bug-killing sprays and concoctions you could find. You went it, sprayed everything down, gave the room time to air out from all the fumes and then went in to inspect your work. But still, here you are with the same problem. The only difference now is that you have less money and more frustration. Do not feel bad. Bed bugs are determined little critters. It takes more than some spray and a hot cycle through the washing machine to get rid of them for good. It takes professional help.

If you would like to say “no” to beg bugs permanently, say YES to Young Environmental Solutions. With locations in both Elkhart and Bloomington, they are your convenient Indiana pest control service. YES is a family owned and operated business with three generations of educated professionals waiting to lend their services to you. They know how important your home is to you and want to do everything possible to keep all unwanted guests out.

YES’s environmentally responsible Integrated Pest Management Program has earned them the recognition of the National Pest Management Association as a Quality-Pro Company. In place of harsh chemical sprays that linger and can pose a health threat to you, your family and your pets, YES uses highly effective bed bug heat treatments to sterilize all infected areas.  No chemicals or sprays. Just powerful heat.

The main problem with bed bugs is that their eggs can survive many extermination efforts, and as long as there are eggs, you will continue to have bed bug issues. Heat treatments use a level of heat that is high enough to kill all stages of bed bugs—including the eggs. This leaves your beds pest free and your air clear and healthy. It is a very “green” and health conscious solution to a common, irritating problem.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, but aren’t sure, it is better to be safe than sorry. Allow Young Environmental Solutions to conduct a free pest evaluation. They will answer your questions and clear up your suspicions once and for all. The earlier the stage of infestation, the easier it will be to eradicate, so don’t delay and allow things to get worse than they already are. You have nothing to lose—but bed bugs.