There are few things that are scarier than finding a tick attached to your body. Unfortunately, many Granger pest control professionals are reporting that these nuisances are worse than ever this year. With fear mounting thanks to ongoing issues like Lyme disease, keeping ticks out of your yard is a must. These tips can help.

  • tick-feedingMaintaining your lawn is the first step to tick control. Ticks climb onto tall grasses and bushes, then jump off onto other animals or people. The shorter you keep your lawn and the more frequently you trim your brush, the more likely you are to keep ticks off of your property.
  • If you have a lot of land to maintain, you may want to use gravel or wood chipped paths wherever it’s possible. These materials tend to irritate ticks’ feet, so it’s the perfect way to build a buffer zone between you and the ticks.
  • Ticks love dark, damp places. The more you can do to eliminate those, the more likely it is that you’ll keep ticks off your lawn. Don’t forget to factor your woodpile into that equation. Be sure to keep your wood neatly stacked, and in a spot where it can get at least some sun. That may help to reduce the tick population inside.
  • Consider fencing. It can help keep larger animals that may actually bring ticks into your yard out, which may significantly reduce your tick population. This is particularly true in rural areas where animals like deer and coyotes regularly bring ticks into the equation.
  • Clean bird feeders regularly. Ticks can attach themselves to birds just like they can any other animals. If you keep bird feeders on your property or even a bird bath, make sure you keep it clean on a regular basis to eliminate any possible ticks.

In addition to keeping them off of your property, you may also want to learn how to keep them off of your body. A good bug spray can help, but so can long sleeved shirts and pants. A lighter color is preferable, because it makes it easier to see the tick. Checking yourself and your children during tick season is also a must.

If you have a serious tick infestation on your property, contacting a Granger pest control professional is the best way to eliminate the problem entirely. With lots of pest control methods at their disposal, they can help keep the ticks out of your home this year.