No matter how nice your property looks, it will be an uphill battle to sell a home with a pest control problem. And when a house stays on the market for a long time the price normally has to be reduced in order to sell. For a Realtor, that means a smaller commission and for the seller, it means a lower selling price and less money as well. It would be wonderful if pests could magically be eliminated, but we all know this is not possible, they must be dealt with.

The same way you don’t want to deal with pests, potential buyers do not either.  Few people are willing to spend their money on a home and then delay their mPest Control   Young Environmental Solutionsove-in date while they spend more money to solve a pest problem. Most of them are looking for properties that are “move-in ready,” and lucikly Young Environmental Solutions (YES) offers pest control for Indiana Realtors. These pest control treatments that can help give your property that sought after title of “SOLD.”

YES knows that realtors needs to move properties quickly, and it is hard to do with a noticeable pest control problem. Regardless of if you need residential or commercial pest control solutions, we are here to help. We offer effective, environmentally responsible treatments that will leave your viewers impressed and more likely to buy. If you are located in Granger, Bloomington, Elkhart or South Bend, YES can be of service.

We offer no-cost WDO pre-inspections. If any problems are found, we can fix them at a low cost. If you have got wood damage, moisture problems or a pest infestation of nearly any type, we have trained technicians that can treat and solve the problem. YES is family owned and has been in business since 1983, and we are recognized as a National Pest Management Association quality-pro company. You can rest assured that you will receive honest evaluations from knowledgeable technicians who are happy to be of service.

We know you don’t want to have to deal with a pest control problem, but we also know you want to move your properties as quickly as possible. You probably already know how frustrating it is to begin a sale and then have the buyers pull out because of a failed inspection. Do not take that risk.

Allow YES Pest Control to assess the situation upfront so you can develop (or maintain) a reputation for selling top notch, move-in ready properties. When you see how our services can improve your bottom line, you will appreciate the investment and want to make us a regular part of property preparation routine.