When you are working in the office, things running around and between your legs, grabbing crumbs and generally making the place dirtier should be the least of your worries. Unfortunately, pests are often a hard reality that office workers and owners alike have to face.  However, it is not just the roaches and rats that you should be wary.

Despite their name, bedbugs are as common in the office as they are in the home and they may prove more troublesome than an infestation of rats and roaches.

The Well-Travelled Bedbug

The bedbug’s claim to infamy is how widespread they can get by just travelling through an unsuspecting person. Despite being wingless, these critters are small enough that they can fit in almost every nook and cranny, and are virtually invisible unless you peer closely – something most people are not exactly keen on doing. If you have visited an area that has bedbugs, or have an infestation in your home, you may unknowingly be bringing them to the office.

Perhaps what makes bedbugs a problem is that they do not mind whether the office space is dirty or clean. In fact, the office can be brand new and literally sparkling from tidiness and still have bedbugs. They also do not just dirty the place up with their droppings and molts. They bite, and the effect it has on a person depends on how allergic the person is to the pest. For some, bedbug bites are barely noticeable, while others may experience mild to extreme allergic reactions.

Preventing an Outbreak

Preventing bedbugs from invading your office may seem impossible to do. While you admit that doing so may be extremely difficult, though, there are things you could do to stem the spread of these tiny vampires. Reducing the amount of clutter in the workspace is a tried-and-tested method to ensure that they do not have hiding spaces for breeding. Vacuum the furniture regularly as the bugs themselves can hide beneath the fibers and seams.

Prevention is always better than cure. Before bringing in any shipments or new stuff for the office, make sure to do a thorough inspection and check if there are telltale signs of bedbugs. Check for molts or rust-colored spots on the furniture, as these are obvious signs that there may be a colony of bedbugs waiting to invade your office space. Be wary if you smell something sweet and musty, sort of like an almond scent on rooms and furniture. You are taking a whiff of that bedbug!

At Yes Pest Mates, we know how difficult it is to get rid of bedbugs, especially when they already have a foothold on your office. We utilize heat treatments that are the safer and more effective way to address a potential bedbug outbreak, and ensure that your office space is free from these annoying parasites.