Springtime is right around the corner. Soon enough, the time will come to create the perfect garden and groom a well-kept lawn. Spring is a time when plants bloom and everything is beautiful. However, it is also a time when certain pests make their annual appearance, wreaking havoc on your yard. Moles are a type of pest that, if given the chance, will surely go about quickly destroying your much loved garden. They will take the charm out of what was once a beautiful lawn. In general, moles will make a grand mess of your perfect landscape.

The mole, a type of underground mammal, is a pest that is seen throughout most, if not all, of the United States. They are creatures with short, soft fur…usually brown, but it can also be black in color. They have very small ears, and equally small eyes, which can seem invisible, as they are often hidden by the creature’s fur. Moles have small, slender back legs, and short but rather stocky front legs. The front limbs have rather large paws, complete with six digits. These paws are perfect for digging, and making a one beautiful lawn a complete nightmare.

American-Shrew-MoleThe mole is unique, in that it is a mammal that does not require a lot of oxygen to survive. It has the ability to reuse oxygen it breathes in, while above ground. This oxygen can later be used while the pest is underground, where oxygen levels are relatively low. This means that the mole can spend the majority of time underground, digging multiple burrows, which will further damage your property.

Moles are known to dig multiple burrows underground. This can, in rare cases, cause the ground above to sink in, if the burrows are too close to the surface. At the very least, the mole will damage a yard, by digging multiple mole hills in the surface. These holes are usually quite large, and have dirt piled up in small mounds on the surface of the ground. These holes can quickly destroy any lawn. Furthermore, the mole is known to damage roots of plants. It will chew through roots, to create burrows. In doing so, the mole destroys plants of all types.

The breeding time for a mole is from February to May. Throughout the entire spring season, these pests will continue to breed. Each adult female can give birth to a total of five babies at one time. The gestation period is roughly forty-two days, after which time baby moles begin to dig their own burrows, furthering the damage even more.

If you find that moles are presenting a problem this year, contact your local pest control specialist. Don’t let the moles get the best of you, or your land. Get rid of these pesky ground-dwellers, before they have the chance to completely destroy your yard.