Young Environmental Solutions is a family-owned pest control company in the Elkhart, Bloomington, South Bend, and Granger Indiana areas. Why, you might ask, is being a family-owned company important? Well it is simple really, when your family name and reputation is on the line with every single transaction, you always want to do your very best. And that is what Young Environmental Solutions wants to do their very best for you.   

Young Environmental Solutions, or Y.E. S. as it is more commonly known, is committed to keeping your home or business pest free without risking harm to you, your family, or your pets. They use an Integrated Pest Management Program to eliminate and prevent pests like fleas, termites and bed bugs from taking control of your property. Because they are a company committed to maintaining a clean environment, they use both natural products and environmentally friendly pesticides in their treatment programs. You can learn more about Y.E.S., their technology, their products, and their methodology on their website.   

Ever mindful of the state and federal regulations that govern pest control companies, Young Environmental Solutions works diligently at staying up-to-date on new products and technologies that meet with the rigid guidelines set forth by those agencies. Because of their efforts, Y.E.S. has been nationally recognized through a top rating from the Better Business Bureau and as a recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence. This type of recognition is an affirmation of the level of commitment and service this third generation Elkhart pest control company has to offer. They have also been acknowledged by the National Pest Management Association as a Quality-Pro Company. This is a distinction to which many pest control companies can only aspire.  

Young Environmental Solutions is the place to turn if you need an exterminator for termite pest control, bed bugs, rodents, fleas, bees, roaches, or any other type of household pests. For instance, if you suspect that you have termites, Y.E.S. will send out one of their state licensed technicians to conduct a thorough inspection of your property. If termites are detected, he will suggest an immediate plan of action based on your home’s location, the construction style, and the degree of infestation.  

If you’ve been reading the papers, you’ve probably seen that the U.S. is having a resurgence of bed bugs. Y.E.S. is a top bed bug exterminator. Bed bugs are very difficult to spot, and usually, a professional is required to rid your house of them completely. This nasty little creature is not much larger than the head of a pin, and often hides in the creases of your mattresses, on your clothes, around your baseboards, or in your carpeting. Most people don’t realize they have a bed bug problem until they start waking up with clustered bites or rashes that itch. Y.E.S. has a chemical free bed bug treatment that will eliminate bed bugs.    

Regardless of the type of pest problem you may have, Young Environmental Solutions is a progressive Bloomington pest control company that is there to help you keep all home invaders at bay—so just say Y.E.S.