Why Termites Swarm
Colonies of all sorts of insects, include bees and ants, will eventually grow too large for their current location.  Termites are the same way, and when their population is too great swarms of termites will emerge from the ground and use their wings to fly off and discover a new place for a new colony. This can be a problem for you for two possible reasons. If you see a termite swarm coming out of the ground and it happens to be quite close to your home, then you should contact an exterminator for an evaluation.

This may be a sign that you already have a termite colony working on the wood in your home.  The other problem is that while you may not currently have a termite problem, should a swarm decide that your home is an excellent location to begin their new colony then you will have a termite problem quite soon.

When Termites Swarm
Sometimes the location will determine when termitesswarm, but generally you can expect to see termites swarm during spring and fall.  Both males and females will swarm and can travel surprising distances in order to find the right place to start their new colony.  Each year you should check to see if you have any termite problems or damage.  Due to swarm times, you can easily make that choice during the fall.  Fall termite control can help keep your home free of termites or rid you of any termites that have attempted to make a colony.

You cannot simply check around your house to see if termites have decided to live there.  Termites do not make their colonies obvious in order to remain safe from potential predators.  Termite evidence will be difficult to locate which is why it is best to call in the professionals.  

Keeping a Termite-Free Home
You don’t need to do a lot of work to make sure your home remains termite-free.  With a few simple steps you can make sure that termite swarms don’t consider your home to be a place worth investigating, much less a place to live.  Keep wood and soil from meeting around your home, such as with firewood piles or with mulch.  You can also ask your pest control technician for ideas when they provide you with your evaluation.  Most companies offer free evaluations and can really help you in keeping your home just for you – not for termites.