What Do Spiders Want?

That is one of the main questions people ask when they start to see spiders appear in their home. Why are the spiders there? What are they after? A lot of times people will say, “There’s nothing in here for them!” Except all that we see is a single spider crawling along the floor. The spider has been seen for about ten seconds. Where is that spider the rest of the time? What is it doing all 24 hours while the rest of us work and eat and sleep?

Some spiders weave webs while others hunt. You will find both types here in Indiana. The various types of hunting spiders are likely the ones you see moving around during the day or night. It is not often that we discover a spider web in a high traffic area such as a dining room or bedroom. More common is the abundance of spider webs in basements, garages, sheds, and other less used locations, or locations that are much more prone to infiltrations from the outdoors by crickets, moths, and other insects. That is precisely what they want.


How Do They Get In?

Every house, no matter how well built, is going to eventually have a crack or cranny where an insect or spider can wiggle through. They like these areas because for many insects it is a place to hide. When that hiding place also turns into an excellent location with a more comfortable climate and less threat from predators, they are more apt to stay.

Sometimes it’s as simple as following a person in before the door shuts, through an open window, through the clothes dryer vent, and others. There are many ways for insects and spiders to get in, so when you start to find more and more of them, it’s time to discover ways to keep them out.

Get Professional Help

The best way to start is by contacting a pest control company that knows how to handle spiders. If you have gone over your house from top to bottom but don’t know what is drawing the spiders in or how they are appearing in your home, the pest control technician can perform a thorough inspection and let you know what he or she finds. Once you understand what is happening, they can help you work out a plan to not only take care of the spiders in the home, but also prevent them from returning. It may be as simple as caulking a few cracks, or it may mean laying down a barrier of protection around areas of your home. Whatever the case may be, spiders will no longer be a problem, and you can feel at ease again.