Summer is the perfect time to spend an evening on your deck or patio, an afternoon out in the hammock, or the morning weeding the garden. The problem? You’re not going to be alone. Mosquitoes will be with you every step of the way, and if you have ever spent the night scratching at those bites until they were raw, you know why it’s essential that you keep the mosquitoes away this season. These tips, and the right Bloomington pest control company, can help keep these biting nuisances at bay this year.

  • Live-mosquito-freePest extermination professionals will be quick to tell you that mosquitoes love standing water. Whether it’s pooling in your gutter because you haven’t cleaned it out or you have a spot that seems to collect rainwater, standing water is, quite literally, a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Be vigilant about eliminating all standing water on your property throughout mosquito season.
  • Make certain that your windows and screens are secure. Often pets and other pests can create holes in your screens from year to year, and this can help let mosquitoes into the house. Check them every spring, and replace the ones that prove problematic.
  • Keep your brush and your lawn well-trimmed. Mosquitoes love the shade as much as people do, so carefully maintaining your property may lead to fewer mosquitoes.
  • Maintain your pool carefully. Without the right chemicals, your pool is going to quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Check it on a regular basis, and if you plan to be on vacation for a few weeks, have a neighbor check it while you’re gone to prevent an infestation as well as more costly pool treatments.
  • Use insect repellant when you’re outside. There are a variety of different choices on the market that make great repellants, so select one that’s right for your family and apply it regularly.

Mosquitoes have the ability to make your life miserable quickly. Choose a Bloomington Indiana pest control company that can help. Choose Young Environmental to deal with your mosquito problem this summer.