Pantries have a big place in the kitchen. Apart from the refrigerator, a pantry is where food is stored. Most pantries hold canned foods, as well as grains, flour, and so on. With pantries holding food products that we consume on a regular basis, it is not a pleasant thought to imagine that pests can make their way into the pantry. Pleasant or not, however, this is the case. These pests can make their way into the products we store in our pantries, and they can wreak havoc.

How Do They Get There?

Pantry-free-of-pestsWhile it is true that these pests can make their way into the pantry from outdoors, the main way such pests come to the pantry is from the store, where pantry foods are purchased. These pests—small insects such as flour beetles, grain beetles, and so on—can be packaged at plants, with grains, flours and cereals. Or they may infest while the food is at the grocery store, waiting to be purchased. Much of the time, these pests are unnoticed at first, and can easily be brought into your pantry, where they will create bigger problems still. The longer these pests go unnoticed, the bigger the infestation will become.

What Are They?

Indian Meal Moths are a world-wide problem. This pest is a small moth, with long legs, and brown and white wings. They start out as larvae, and are often found in grain foods, where they feed, and continue to breed. A female moth can lay up to six hundred eggs in a grain food, such as cereal.

Flour beetles are small pests, which an easily be found in flour. They are dark red or brown, depending on the species. These pests infest flour, dry cereal, and even pet food. They can often be found in packaging that appears to be completely sealed.

The grain beetle, a small black bug that resembles a small ant, can be found in grain products, such as rice and oatmeal. Both the flour and grain beetle are able to reach adulthood within weeks, and can reproduce at an alarming rate.

What Do I Do?

If you find your pantry infested by these pests, it is urgent to contact a professional. These pests are difficult to get rid of without proper equipment, as they breed rapidly, and are small enough to be overlooked. Don’t let these pests continue to invade your pantry. Contact a professional Bloomington pest control service to remove them immediately.