While it may be true that the bat population is at an all-time low, this mammal is still a pest that creates 1/5 of the mammal population. Bats, like every other creature in existence, have an appropriate place and purpose. In fact, they are beneficial to the environment, cutting down on insect population. (Without bats, the insect population would become unmanageable.) While bats may be beneficial, when out in nature, they can also present quite a problem when they invade a home.

small brown bat sitting on branch (isolated)Should you find that your house has become a haven for bats, immediate steps should be taken to remedy the situation. If left without removal, bats can present a problem to both, human and pet health.

Bats have certain areas of a house where they are likely to reside. Often it’s the cold, dark spaces, such as attics, chimneys, and even in rarer cases, basements. These pests are attracted to these areas, simply because of the darkness.

While it may be the natural reaction to attempt to remove a bat on your own, you absolutely shouldn’t try it. These pests do carry disease, which can easily be spread if handled. Furthermore, while some pests can be terminated, this is not the case with bats. In many locations, it is both unethical, and unlawful, to kill this creature. This is due to the fact that bat population has decreased so dramatically.

A pest and bat extermination specialist should be called if a bat has been found in a home. These individuals are properly trained with the knowledge of how to safely remove a bat from the home, without injuring the animal. Furthermore, these exterminators will know where to check in the home, to make sure that other bats are not present.

If you find a bat in your home, don’t waste a single minute. Get help from Elkhart pest control professionals, Young Environmental Services, and take the right steps for living in a bat-free home.