With the approach of cooler weather, many people notice one major buggy problem in their homes – the invasion of the boxelder bugs. While they’re present during the summer, they don’t typically move inside until the weather gets colder, and they begin to search for a winter home, and you may need a good pest control company to get them out again.


boxelder-bug-seedsBoxelder bugs are usually a half-inch in length. They’re black, and they tend to have orange or red markings. You may see three different stripes just behind their head. They do have wings, and they can fly.

Are They a Problem?

Boxelder bugs can be a problem just because they tend to be so pervasive. They’re more of a nuisance than anything else. In most cases, you won’t see stings or disease transmission with this type of insect, and they don’t typically bite. What’s more, though, is that they don’t damage homes or even cause any serious problems with plants. The biggest problem you may notice is that their feces can stain lighter colored surfaces. You may also notice an odor if they’re smashed or disturbed.

Controlling Boxelder Bugs

If you do start to notice a real problem with boxelder bugs in your home, there are a few things you can do. First, you may want to identify how they’re getting into your home. Look at cracks and crevices to see if they need to be re-caulked. You may also want to repair any screen damage you have or even add weather-stripping to certain areas to keep them out. You may also want to remove any wood stacks or leaf piles that are near your home. Trimming back overgrown plants can also help to minimize shelter opportunities for boxelder bugs.

If you seem to have an infestation that you just can’t shake, call in the pest control professionals at YES for help. We’ll not only evaluate and deal with your current situation, but talk about how you can keep them out of your home in the future too.