When it comes to pest control, many people think about the harsh, toxic chemicals used in extermination. Although extermination may immediately rid your property of unwanted pests, there is always a chance that they will return. Luckily, there are safer, long-term alternatives available.

Integrated pest management is a long-term pest control strategy made up of a series of inspections, identifications, and treatments. It incorporates common sense practices like prevention and exclusion to treat pest problems. The end result is an eco-conscious way of keeping your home pest-free.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to integrated pest management. Therefore it is important to work with a certified pest control company. A certified pest control company will create comprehensive plan for you to follow that is specific to your home’s or business’ pest control needs. Here are some techniques that may be a part of your plan:

  • Frequently emptying trash containers
  • Washing dishes thoroughly and immediately to prevent pests from consuming leftover food particles
  • Keeping floor clean and free of food particles
  • Keeping trees and shrubs well trimmed and away from your home or business
  • Stacking firewood and lumber away from your home or business

In order for your plan to be effective, you will need to be persistent. Many of the practices used in integrated pest management focus on creating an unwelcoming environment for pests. Discontinuing a suggested practice may encourage a pest to return, making the comprehensive plan ineffective. If implemented correctly, integrated pest management can be as effective as or even more efficient than a traditional extermination plan.

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