Most people think that pest control methods have to be harsh or even dangerous in order to work.  They believe that toxins and poisons are the only way to achieve complete eradication of pest issue.  This simply isn’t the case.  There are green pest control methods for problems like managing fly problems and getting rid of bedbugs.  Consumers don’t have to sacrifice being green to keep their homes pest-free.   

Some homeowners will attempt to use home remedies and folk cures in order to be eco-friendly.  Some of these old-school methods work surprisingly well.  However, mint leaves, citronella, salt and cloves will not cure a fully evolved infestation.  There are times when the help of a professional exterminator is necessary.  You just need to find one who subscribes to the same ideals of Earth health as you do.

The first step in managing pest in an environmentally responsible way is to seek out a Bloomington pest control company that is eco-friendly.  Look for a pest management provider that is known for its Earth-friendly methods in addition to a positive and long-standing reputation, excellent customer service and great results.  Find a company that is committed to a program of Integrated Pest Management Program that is sensitive to the environment.   

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive approach to controlling household pests.  It combines the use of common-sense prevention methods, a comprehensive understanding of pests and their life cycles and eradication methods when needed.   

IPM is not a one-time “spray and kill” appointment.  It is a system that uses many factors to determine the most effective and most responsible way of keeping you home free of pests.  Control methods are often made of plant-based substances and methods of prevention rather than treatment are stressed.   

How do I find a company that practices IPM?

Finding a truly green pest control company may take a little more effort but the health and safety of your home and family are worth the extra time.  There are ways to tell if a pest control company is committed to using IPM or not.  

The easiest way is of course to simply ask.  Some companies will respond with confusion or blank stares while others may try to distract you from the question.  These tactics are pretty obvious and easy to avoid.  However, some less scrupulous companies may not be completely honest.  Just asking the company if they are environmentally responsible is not quite enough to make a determination.  

Check for industry certifications or accolades to see how responsible the post control company is in actual practice.  One great resource is the NPMA QualityPro certification.  NPMA is the National Pest Management Association and QualityPro is the rating they give to businesses that meet and exceed the highest standards. 

To become QualityPro certified, a pest management company must apply and be found to meet a number of high standards regarding every aspect of their business.  Not very many South Bend pest control companies can boast this title.  It’s an excellent indicator of how the business operates.  

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