Always at Work  
Carpenter ant extermination is something that must be done once you discover them in your home.  This is because they can do a lot of damage to the wood structures within your walls, floor, and other locations. Carpenter ants don’t necessarily eat the wood that they chew up, but rather carve their way through it in order to make tunnels for their nest.  The sawdust-like materials left behind provide nesting materials.  

Carpenter ants are large in size and the worker ants have large mandibles as well.  These are what they use to chew through wood.  Typically they live in decaying or hollow wood, but since the wood our homes are made of is not living wood, carpenter ants that discover it see no problem in using it for a
new colony site.  

Discovering Them  
You may see carpenter ants through the clues they leave behind or through direct sightings.  Because the ants don’t eat wood, that means they will eat other things instead, and this includes almost anything that we eat.  They particularly like sweets and meats, so if there is a sweet left out or other piece of food left unprotected on a counter, the ants may discover it and eat it.  You may see the ants themselves as they seek out food, or you may see the sawdust-like material in areas where the ants have come through the wall or the floor.   

Still, because most people aren’t sure of all the different species of ants, the only certain way to identify whether or now you have a carpenter ant infestation is to get a professional’s insight.  They can come in, examine various areas of your home, and make a final determination.  

Getting Rid of Them  
Getting rid of carpenter ants is something that should also be left to the professionals, as they will have the means to take care of the entire colony.  Most people will only kill the ants that they see, but there is an entire nest somewhere in your home that needs to be eradicated in order for the problem to fully be gone.   Contact an Indiana pest control company in your area today for a free evaluation.  You can discover whether or not you have carpenter ants and what can be done about them.  Even better, a skilled exterminator will show you how to keep them out of your home in the future.