In the world of pest control, flies easily rank as one of the single biggest nuisances.Unfortunately, most people don’t regularly deal with a single type of fly. Instead, they deal with several. Here are four of the most common.

Fruit Flies: Usually very tiny in nature, these pests rank high on the nuisance factor scale. They’re really common any place food has been allowed to rot because they lay their eggs near the surface of moist, organic materials. The larvae feed on it the minute they emerge, and given that a female can lay 500 eggs at any given time, you could have plenty of fruit flies on your hands if you have over ripened fruits or veggies in your kitchen. They don’t have to breed near those, though. They can also breed in your drain, garbage disposal, or even your trash can. While they won’t hurt you directly, it is possible for them to contaminate your food. If you’re infested, the only way to deal with the problem is to eliminate all potential breeding areas, and you may need professional pest control for that.


Bottle Flies: These are sometimes called blow files, but they’re usually a metallic color like blue or green. They make a horrific buzzing sound when they fly, and they’re scavengers, so you’ll usually find them on something organic. Like fruit flies, they typically won’t hurt you directly, but they can transmit diseases from place to place, so getting rid of them is a must. You can usually find them outside, but if you do see a few inside, the chances are good they’re working to establish a breeding site, which can create a real issue. To get rid of them, finding and eliminating the breeding site is an absolute must, and usually you’ll need professional pest control help.

Drain Flies: These are sometimes called moth flies, and like the fruit fly, they’re very tiny. They are usually black or brown in nature, and if you crush them, they leave a powdered smudge on the surface. They are called drain flies because they’re often found around the drains. They set up breeding sites there, and while this can often occur in floor drains, any drain will usually do the trick. It’s important to note that bleach and hot water aren’t enough to eliminate them. Instead, professional pest removal services are the only way to clean up a breeding site.

House Flies: Easily the most common of the four, most people have to deal with house flies at some point in time. They’re willing to eat a wide variety of food, and they, too, can spread disease. The adult flies are usually the sign of an infestation, but because they’re so common, most people don’t think to call in professional help until there’s real trouble on the horizon.

Flies can certainly be a problem outside of your home, but once inside, you could be looking at health problems for you and your family. If you notice any of these fly types near your home, make sure to contact YES Pest Pros immediately.