You see them swarming around the bottom of the wooden walls in your home. You look closer at them, letting your eyes follow them as they crawl towards a little hole in the baseboard. You know you must get rid of them, but you aren’t sure how because you can’t tell exactly what kind of pest they are. They have wings yet they crawl most of the time, so you may probably think they’re either termites or flying ants. To arrive at the truth, let us—the Yes Pest Post Pros, Inc. team—help you discern between the two insects.

Where Do They Live

Both termites and flying ants can be found near wood, particularly rotten or moist wood. Flying ants generally live in the soil near trees or plants, but sometimes, they build their colony inside wall voids. By contrast, termites use soil merely as a tunnel that leads them to the wood or cardboard in your home, in which they will likely set up their household.

What Do They Look Like?

As described above, termites and flying ants both have wings. To pinpoint their difference, you may have to catch the insect in your home and scrutinize it with a magnifying glass or an app that turns the camera on your phone into a magnifying glass. Flying ants have three body segments with a noticeably thin waist, while termites have a wider, more solid body. The flying ants’ top wings are smaller than the lower wings. Termites, on the other hand, have wings with similar length and width. In addition, the flying ants’ antennae are bent, while the termites have straight antennae.

Telling the difference between flying ants and termites can be a challenge, especially if you’re nearsighted. But, it is crucial that you figure out exactly what type of pest you have in your home, so you can take the necessary steps to control or remove them and prevent any damage to your property.

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