Imagine waking up one morning only to head to your kitchen cupboard and find hundreds of small brown bugs pouring out of them. It happens more often than you think, and if you’ve never been infested, you can certainly count yourself lucky. They’re called flour beetles, and in Indiana, there are two main types to worry about: Red and Confused Flour Beetles.

Flour-beetle-controlThese guys are usually placed in the same group because they look alike, act alike, and even develop alike. The red flour beetle is typically a rusty-red color. They have club-like antennae that are separated into three different parts. The sides of their thorax are curved, and they’re usually about 3.5 millimeters in length.  Confused flour beetles are also red, but they have a four segmented club antennae. Their thorax is also a bit straighter. It’s hard to tell the larvae from one another, as they’re both usually about 6 millimeters in length and a light brown color. Their heads are forked, and the abdomens are dark colored.

Do The Differences Matter?

The simple reality is that whether you have the red or confused flour beetle on your hands, you’re going to find them in your pantry. They like to burrow into processed grain products, so when you buy a bag of flour or a bag of cereal, you could be bringing this infestation home with you. The adults will come out, and some may even fly around.

Should I Be Concerned?

As with any pest infestation, you probably want to be at least mildly concerned about this one. While it can’t actually hurt you, you likely don’t want them in your food or your home. Controlling them, though, can be a little difficult once they arrive. Your best bet is to contact a pest control professional for help with controlling them as well as tips on how to prevent their infestation in your home in the future.