When people think about fleas, the next thought is always that the source is a dog or other pet. What people don’t realize is that fleas infest surfaces throughout their house and it requires pest control, not just a pet treatment.  

Pet owners blame the pet for the fleas but if the problem gets bad enough there is no choice but to call pest control. Pet treatments will rid the pet of fleas, but you still haven’t stopped the fleas at the source or where they have spread.    about fleas   Young Environmental Solutions

You should have a pest control expert determine the source of the fleas, especially if it’s outside, to prevent the outbreak of a flea infestation as much as possible. The infestation will remain and your pet will eventually get fleas again.  

Fleas can jump off of pets and onto almost every surface in your home. If you don’t treat the fleas immediately, the problem can quickly spiral out of control. Vacuuming carpets and upholstery is really just the beginning of proper pest control management.  

When people do focus on their house, they do not treat all of the surfaces where fleas have jumped. Even deep cleaning and shampooing carpets will never work without proper pest control.  

The reason why a problem with fleas in the house can be so difficult to handle on your own is because of their small size and quick breeding capacities. Fleas lay eggs everywhere and then will hatch and reemerge from the nooks and crannies of your home. The fleas can easily survive a surface level cleaning by hiding in small crevasse.  

When ridding your house of fleas, you must be very thorough. You will constantly be treating your house for fleas if you can never start fresh with no fleas. To be sure you have removed all living fleas and flea eggs from your home, you should consult a pest control expert.