Stink bugs haven’t always been part of the equation in the US. In fact, they didn’t even appear here until the late ‘90s. It’s thought that they hitched a ride with some cargo from Asia. Now that they’re here, though, they’re certainly willing to call it home, and keeping them out of your place is an absolute must.

What They Look Like

Stink-Bug-ProblemMost pest extermination services will tell you that stink bugs are just less than an inch in length. They’re brown on both sides of their body, and they tend to be shaped like a shield. Their eggs are oval shaped and are usually yellow in color. They have minute spines on them that create the look of fine lines. They tend to be attached to the underside of leaves, usually in groups of twenty to thirty at a time. They have six legs and long antennae. If they’re disturbed, you’ll notice a horrible odor coming from their glands.

Who Cares?

Any pest control company will tell you that stink bugs are actually a big problem, as they are an agricultural pest that could prove to create millions of dollars in crop losses. They feed on plants of all kinds by sucking out the living juices, thereby causing them to decay.

Stink bugs can also create problems if they end up in your home, as they can create real issues for those with allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems.


The best way to keep them out of your home is to take a close look at how they might get in. You’ll want to seal up any cracks around your windows or doors. Don’t forget to look at those hidden spots like utility pipe openings that are just a little too wide and spots in the siding where bugs might be able to get in. If you have damaged screens on your window, you need to make certain you repair those as well. Not sure where to look? A pest services professional can help with an evaluation of your home.

Treating the Problem

If you do end up with stink bugs in your home, you’ll want to make certain you call a Bloomington pest control service immediately, as they’re the only real way to eliminate the issue for good.