Bzzzzz… If you have been hearing that familiar buzz every time you walk out of your front door, it may be time to contact a bee exterminator. Wasps can be a threat to the health of you and your family. Not to be confused with the fatter honeybee, wasps do transport some pollen but they also create giant nests and sting people, where honeybees do not. When wasps attack in great numbers, serious injuries can result. Don’t try to take on a colony of wasps on your own. Contact a pest control professional such as YES Pest Pros for assistance.

How do you know if you have wasps? The body of a wasp, yellow jacket or hornet is very distinctive and should be easy to differentiate from a bee. Generally, the body of a wasp is longer, thinner and bigger than that of a honeybee. While the markings can be yellow and black, they usually aren’t in complete stripes around the center of the body like you would expect from a bee. Perhaps the most important distinction is that bees can only sting you once and they leave their stinger in your body. A wasp can sting you over and over again and they are far more aggressive than bees.

If you believe that you have a wasp problem, spend some time trying to find the nest. If you find yourself surrounded by angry wasps, let your pest control experts at Young Environmental do the hunting for you. Nests are usually made in the eaves of homes or in other high places out of reach of people. A wasp can also build a nest inside an object. Simply follow the path of wasp to find their home. Once you have found a nest, do not try to move it on your own and do not set it on fire. You will almost certainly be attacked if you do so. Wasp nests can burn at a very high rate of speed and easily light the areas around them on fire.

Wasps, yellow jackets and other stinging pests are most common in the summer and fall months, so keep an eye out this summer and fall for possible threats. Wasps can pose a real risk to children, the elderly and especially those who are allergic to stings, so don’t ignore that buzzing in your ears. Pick up the phone and call the pest control experts at YES Pest Pros today and put an end to the wasp threat once and for all.