Fall is the time when most homeowners think they’re finally done with all of the pests the warmer weather typically brings. In the case of ticks, though, any pest control service will tell you that you’re still at risk.

Who Cares?Tick-Control

Ticks would love nothing more than to attach themselves to you or your pets for a delicious blood feast. While this isn’t a huge problem with some insects, it is with ticks. They have the potential to transmit more serious conditions like Lyme disease, leaving you with concerning health after effects. Eliminating ticks from your property is an absolute must.

Preventing Tick Problems

One of the best ways to keep ticks out of your yard is to make certain you keep it as clean as possible. If you have leaf litter or debris piled up in certain areas, remove it at once. You can also keep your lawn mowed to avoid ticks. The shorter the grasses and shrubs, the less likely you are to encounter tick problems.

You may also want to discourage deer, rodents, and other wildlife from entering your yard, as they often carry ticks in with them.

Make certain that you’ve treated your pets for ticks, too. Pets can pick them up while they’re outside, then bring them into your home.

Be sure you use commercially available tick sprays on your clothes and your body if you’re headed out for a hike. These are safe on kids as young as two, and they can keep problem pests away from you.

Track the tick bites in your family. If you happen to notice a pattern, be sure to investigate a bit further to make certain you’re not completely infested.

Even if you’ve implemented all of these prevention methods, you can still have serious tick problems around your home. Worried? Contact Young Environmental Solutions today for an evaluation that will help you understand what to do next.