Responsible pest management practices are an essential part of today’s pest control industry, and Young Environmental Solutions (YES Pest Pros) has spent the past ten years working to provide greener solutions to their customers. Their commitment to a sustainable, healthy, pest-free home for all of their clients has just earned them a place in the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP).  

A Mission of Quality and Service

Young Environmental Solutions (YES Pest Pros) has been steadfastly serving the pest control needs of the residents of Indiana for the past two decades, and the focus of the company has always been customer service.  

“Three generations of my family have been part of this business,” said Anthony Young, President and CEO of the company. “It’s important to us that we exceed our customers’ expectations, but that’s only enough for us if we’re doing it in an environmentally responsible manner.”  

Pesticides have been a topic of concern to many for the past several years. Worries not only about the health of those who have had their homes sprayed with pesticides but also about the health of the planet themselves typically top the list of concerns.  

Young Environmental Solutions (YES Pest Pros) has long been an advocate of ecologically responsible pest control and as members of the EPA program, their commitment to earth-friendly methods is only likely to increase.  

The PESP Difference

Companies that apply to become members of the PESP program have to adhere to strict guidelines before they can participate. A few of the guidelines include ensuring that environmental stewardship is an essential facet of the business as a whole, using the latest data about the life cycle of pests to help fight them at every level, educating clients about the importance of eco-friendly pest management, and demonstrating a commitment to reducing pesticide use wherever possible.  

“We are excited to be a member of PESP and partnering with EPA to promote environmentally responsible pest management,” said Young. “I think it will not only help us stay up to date on the latest trends in integrated pest management, but it will also be a great benefit to our clients, too.”  

A fully voluntary program, PESP is working hard to show companies everywhere that environmental stewardship doesn’t have to come from a government mandate, a principle Young Environmental has long upheld.  

“I want to take this opportunity to welcome Young Environmental Solutions as a member in the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. PESP is an exciting, voluntary program to reduce the risks from the use of pesticides. I am pleased that the company is taking a leadership role, along with our other members, in working with EPA on environmental stewardship,” said EPA’s Thomas Brennan.  

About Young Environmental Solutions

Young Environmental Solution has been in the pest control business since 1983 and has offices in both Elkhart, Indiana and Bloomington, Indiana. Three generations of Young family owning and operating this business is committed to protecting your family or business with the use of our environmentally responsible Integrated Pest Management Program. We hold the distinction of being recognized by the NPMA as a Quality-Pro Company. For more information visit: