This summer has been wet for much of the United States, which means the risk of massive mosquito outbreaks is at an all-time high. Not only are mosquitoes a pain in the neck, they can carry diseases that can turn your summer from a winner to a bummer fast. While it may be impossible to completely rid your property of mosquitoes, here are a few tips that along with mosquito extermination services can help to lessen the impact.

First off, you need to scout out your property for standing water. Scientists have shown that bugs like mosquitoes can breed in as little as two inches of water, so even a teacup that has been left out in the rain can be prime breeding grounds for flying pests. Look for children’s toys, lawn care equipment and other items that you would normally leave out in the weather. Instead of tipping the items over and letting the water run out, try to bring it to a storm drain or even to a drain in your home. The goal here is to eliminate standing water not just transfer it to the already saturated ground.

If your home is surrounded by ditches or other holes that are off your property but still prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, you have two choices. You can call your local pest control experts at Young Environmental Solutions and they can deal with the problem or you can try calling your town or city to see about getting the water removed. You could try throwing dirt on the problem, but the problem would be better dealt with if the water was removed by a hose. You’ll also want to be vigilant after thunderstorms. Check your gutters and other areas where water catches to ensure that water hasn’t accumulated.

If you are still having a problem, you may want to think about bringing bug eaters to your buffet. A bird feeder can not only attract beautiful birds to look at but also several species of birds that love insects. In addition to a bird feeder, you can also plant flowers. These attract dragonflies who love to dine on mosquitoes.

By making your home and yard as inhospitable as possible for mosquitoes, you can do your part to lessen the bug problem around your entire neighborhood. You’ll once again have free run of your back yard without having to share it with winged predators.

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