Bed bugs are a year-round pest affecting every part of the country. They do not discriminate. They can be found in well-kept homes, in high-end hotel rooms, and in unsanitary conditions.

Although they are known to be active at night, they can be active throughout the day. Regardless of whether you are inspecting your home or your work place for these insects, you will want to wear medical gloves to not only protect yourself from being bitten, but to protect yourself from blood transmitted diseases.

  • Bites: Bed bugs leave clusters of itchy welts in a zigzag pattern all over one’s body. Many people mistake these bites for a rash, hives, or chicken pox, therefore it is important to make sure that you also check for other signs of an infestation to confirm that they are indeed bed bug bites.
  • Blood Stains: Because bed bugs suck the blood out of their host, inspect all furniture and bedding for specks of blood. The blood is the result of a bite or a crushed bed bug.
  • Furniture Seams and Piping: Bed bugs love the protection that the seams and piping of furniture and mattresses provide. Check for live bugs, exoskeletons, feces, and eggs along these areas. Many people find using an old credit card to separate and manipulate these areas helpful.
  • Under the Rug: Bed bugs love rugs. Check the seams of the rug before flipping it over to check for bloodstains and feces.
  • Behind Furniture: The backs of furniture are generally undisturbed places that bed bugs prefer to scurry to when frightened. Check both the furniture itself and the wall and baseboards for live bugs and bloodstains. It is also a good idea to flip the furniture and check the bottom for bed bugs at this time.


Here at YES Pest Pros, we offer environmentally friendly solutions to all of your pest problems. We use heat remediation treatments to many types of structures with bed bug infestations, including: private residences, apartments, hotels, dormitories, food plants, restaurants, health care facilities, and truck trailers. Heat remediation treats the entire structure and all of its contents while killing the pest at all stages of life, including eggs. Many clients return to their structure within hours after treatment.

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