It’s bad enough that rodents were pests in your garden during the summer. As the cold months approach, little critters are going to be looking for warm places to hide away until the warm weather returns. Make sure your home isn’t one of them. Be proactive, and you can avoid a rodent infestation when you are buttoned up for the deep freeze. Keep cozy and keep those critters outside where they belong.

Inspect All Entrances in Your Home

Take a good look at all of your windows and your doors in your home. Make sure your screens are intact and secure. Keep an eye on your weather-stripping. If any of it has worn out, now is the time to put new weather-stripping in place. Make sure there aren’t any gaps around windows or doors. If there is a space that is left open, you have an invitation for rodents.

Don’t Forget to Check the Roof

Get up on the roof or hire someone to do it for you. You want to keep an eye out for any holes in the roof or any spots where you’ve lost shingles. If you have gaps under the eaves, fill them. Take care of any possible means of entry so that you will keep squirrels, mice, and bats out of your attic.

Trim Your Trees

Fall is the perfect time to give your trees some attention as well, especially when the leaves come down. Trim them back away from your home to make it harder for critters to venture out on a limb and travel over to your rooftop. You’ll also protect yourself from potential damage during the winter months. Heavy limbs that are covered in snow are more likely to fall on your house and cause big problems. You’ll have more than rodents to worry about if that happens. 

Check Your Foundation

Over time, you may see wear and tear on your foundation. If you have any holes, cracks, or gaps, you need to patch them. Consider lining your foundation with gravel or river rock as an added barrier that will make it harder for rodents to find their way inside your home. The most important thing you can do is make your home as secure as possible to ease your mind and prevent rodent damage in the winter.