If you have been paying attention in the last several years, then you know that much of what we have been doing has been ruining our environment and which can affect our health. This is why there has been such a large initiative to ‘Go Green’. You see the ‘Go Green’ slogan everywhere you go.

Grocery stores encourage you to purchase and use their reusable bags. Schools and businesses encourage you to purchase recycled paper, then they encourage you to place your unwanted papers in a recycle bin so that it can be recycled again. Food companies are advertising that their packaging is made of recycled materials. And we are being encouraged to recycle as much as possible. While recycling is good, it is important to go beyond that. It is important to change the chemicals that we are releasing into our atmosphere. That is exactly why many pest control companies have decided to ‘Go Green’ as well.pest control companies   Young Envrionmental Solutions

Exterminators have come to realize that many of the chemicals in the old pesticides were effectively taking care of insect and rodent populations, but at the same time they have also been negatively affecting the health of the people in the homes where the pesticides have been used. As a result, an initiative was created to find environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of insects, rodents, bedbugs, etc. while also keeping their customers healthy.

A green pest control company like Young Environemtal Solutions, will use a variety of methods to rid your home of termites, insects, bedbugs, etc. One method is to use detergent water. This method is similar to the old insect sprays. The detergent water is sprayed directly on the insects to kill them. The difference is the chemicals used in the mix.

Another method is the vacuum cleaner method. Green pest control companies have discovered how to use their vacuum cleaners in order to fight off pests. Since vacuum cleaners do not emit anything harmful to the environment, this is a great green pest control method. When the detergent water and the vacuum don’t work, they will use low-to-no toxic products.

These products are safe for you, your pets and the environment, and they will get rid of the insects and pests in your home. No matter which method your Bloomington green pest control company uses, you will be happy with the outcome and you will feel at ease when your exterminator comes over to do his job.