Dealing with any type of pest infestation is nothing short of frustrating, but when you’re talking about a pest infestation like carpet beetles, you could be losing thousands of dollars as they eat through your wardrobe. Before you start pulling every item out of your closet to start a solid bonfire, it’s important to note that you do have options. There are some great ways to treat these pests, and with the help of pest control company like Young Environmental Services, you’ll get the solution you need right away.

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Understanding Carpet Beetles

The larvae of carpet beetles can damage carpeting, clothing, hair, and even animal hides. They chew holes in the fabric, feeding on the fibers themselves. The larvae can also feed on pet hair or even a carcass from a mouse, a rat, or a squirrel that has died inside the walls of a home. They’re a fairly distinctive pest. They are usually fairly hairy, and they are often white or a striped tan.

The adults themselves don’t actually eat the fabric in your home, but they’re just as dangerous, because where there are adults, there are eggs as well. The eggs are very hard to spot, but the beetles themselves have the ability to fly, and you’ll often find them doing so near windows.

It is important to remember that almost every home has an ample food supply for carpet beetles, and that makes them very difficult to control. You’ll have to throw away any items they’ve already eaten or at least have them dry cleaned. You also need to control any pet hair in your home. Vacuum as regularly as possible, and get rid of any clutter you may have in your home. Just as a precaution, if your vacuum has a bag inside, you’ll want to remove the vacuum bag and eliminate it.

Young Environmental Services offers the latest technology in the industry to help you deal with the problem. One call will help you eliminate this problem in your home entirely, keeping your carpets and your clothing safe for the future.