What is in There?  
It’s a scenario that no one ever hopes to see.  You need some flour for a recipe, but when you open the cupboard and peek inside the bag, you discover something is very, very wrong.  There are bugs in your flour!   flour bugs, Young Environmental

What you discover in there can vary depending upon what pest has managed to get inside of your house.  Several different pests are more than happy to discover your bag of flour and dive right in.  Pests are in your flour for a very simple reason – for them, flour means food.  Flour is ground up grain and because these insects eat grain, flour is the perfect snack.  Small, refined, and tasty. You may discover anything from various beetles to silverfish to Indian meal moth larvae stowing away in your flour and gorging themselves.  

How Often?  
If you discover bugs in your flour on an unsettlingly frequent basis, then it’s time to make some changes.  Packages can be completely new and still end up with insects inside.  This might happen on its way to the grocery, at the grocery store, or at your home.  Many pests don’t wait until you open the bag for them; they are quite happy to help themselves.  Silverfish and moth larvae will chew through the bags in order to reach the flour.   

One way you can help deter these flour eaters is by immediately transferring your flour to a sealed jar or plastic container the moment you bring it home from the store.  This means that insects never have the chance to get inside and contaminate it.  However, something to keep in mind is that if you have an insect problem and they are going after the flour, once the flour is gone they may turn to other items such as pasta, cereals, or crackers.  

How Do I Know?  
A good way to make sure is to have an exterminator check your home for possible infestations. The last thing you want is for a lot of silverfish running around or a host of moths laying eggs all over your pantry. The exterminator can tell you what they find and work out a plan of action to eliminate the pests inside as well as making sure they can no longer get in from the outside. You don’t have to suffer with bugs in your flour – get rid of them and make your kitchen, pantry, and everything inside pest-free!