Have you ever been awoken in the middle of the night by the rustle of rodents through your stuff? Sure, you can set up a few mouse traps (and even get some sleep after that satisfying snap of the mousetrap), but you still have to deal with disposal, etc. Plus, rodent populations are notoriously hard to eliminate.  mouse trap, Young Environmental

There’s no guarantee when you get rid of them yourself, either. Rodents are tough little creatures, and they reproduce quickly. Usually, people on their own are limited to simply mousetraps and poison. Rat poison, though, if mishandled, can kill children and animals. It causes a long and painful death, so be careful.

However, calling a pest control company is well worth your time. Why? For instance, many companies offer guaranteed rodent elimination. For a set price, they will come back until your rodents are all gone. If an inexperienced person did that, it might take forever. However, exterminators are incredibly quick in their movement and their killing of rodents. They will know where rats, mice, and other rodents nest, where they feed, where they travel. They can place baits and traps in places that won’t hurt children or pets. 

It may take multiple rounds to kill off all rodents. Some people think it isn’t worth it – many people have the incorrect notion that they’re all are harmless. Some carry hantavirus, which is deadly to humans, among other diseases and issues. They can also dig into food supplies and damage them – if you’ve ever seen Anne of Green Gables, then you know about the dead mouse in the custard and the culinary horrors that rodents can inspire.

It’s worth the hassle, especially because guaranteed elimination means you don’t pay more for extra tips. If you’re concerned about health issues, talk to your company about safe, green options. Many companies offer these, and they can reduce the amount of toxic chemicals applied. In addition, unleashing cats on your property can help you control populations and/or supplement exterminator efforts. With some work and vigilance, you will be well on your way to a better home with no more rodents involved.