At less than a half inch long, bed bugs are some of the tiniest pests out there.  Their size, however, does not equate to the harm they can cause if they infest your home.  Bed bugs feed on human blood, and as their unwitting host, you offer an endless food source for them.  They can also be very difficult to completely eradicate, and with their small, flat bodies they can hide in places that you might not expect.  So what do you do if you have a bed bug infestation?

Well, the first thing to do is to pick up the phone and call a pest control company well versed in bed bug eradication.  They can help you determine if, in fact, you have a bed bug problem, or if it could possibly be something else.  Some of the signs that a bed bug population have taken up residence in your home are bite marks on your body that show up as small red dots or larger welts that itch. There can also be tiny blood spots on your sheets and bedding, and bed bugs are also known for their unpleasant sweet smell.  All of these can point to an infestation, which could have originated from any number of places. 

Bed bugs are often referred to as hitchhikers, meaning they find their way into your clothing or luggage, or even onto you, from another location.  They can also multiply rapidly, quickly turning your living space into one crawling with hungry bed bugs.

The best course of action to take with a bed bugs is to call someone who knows exactly what they’re dealing with – a professional pest control company.  Exterminators not only know the habits and hiding places of bed bugs, they also have the latest technology and equipment on their side for getting rid of them.  Plus, they can fill you in on ways to prevent future infestations. 

Young Environmental Services has helped people rid their homes of pests for over 20 years using tried and true methods of extermination, and they can quickly and effectively help you conquer your bed bug infestation.  From bed bug heat treatments to some of the other best methods in the industry, your problem will be solved quickly.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs of bed bugs in your home, don’t wait to call for help.  Waiting will only cause the problem to become worse.  Act now, and call the bed bug exterminators at Young Environmental Services to discuss your bed bug eradication needs and to set up an appointment.