Wake Up Time

Insects have a lot of different methods to outlive the winter weather and cold temperatures. Some burrow deep underground or into trees and go dormant for the season. Others will simply die off, but their eggs or larvae are placed somewhere they can last until spring time. Some pests, such as mice and rats, never go dormant or completely die off, but instead continue to live and survive – sometimes in your home!

Whatever the case may be, when summer rolls around once again, pests will be back in full force. They will awaken from their dormant state. They will mate and propagate their species. And in doing so many of them may end up inside of your house while others will act as a nuisance, like mosquitoes.

So What’s the Problem?summer pest control

If you have a pest problem in your house that starts up immediately, it is possible that the pests were dormant for the winter, or their numbers were low enough that you never saw them out and about. Remember, a lot of pests prefer to hide in places where predators can’t see or reach them. That includes us. While humans may not officially be predators (we’re certainly not interested in eating them!), we’re big and pose all kinds of dangers to them.

Pest problems can also start later on as summer progresses. This may be because there is a gap or hole in your home somewhere that allows various pests to get in, or there may be areas around your house that draw them to your location. For example, a pond or an area where a lot of water tends to collect is a strong draw for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. This means a lot of biting mosquitoes. Or you are working on a garden or have a great space beneath your garden shed that is really appealing to rabbits. While the rabbits themselves may not be a nuisance to you, they can carry in ticks and fleas that can then get on pets and people and lead to issues. Or wood set against the house that is to be used for fire pit enjoyment can make for an excellent starting place for a termite colony.

There are all kinds of ways that pests can be drawn to your home. The trick is to give them no reason to visit, much less stick around.

What Now?

If you do have a pest problem or suspect that there is one, you should contact a residential pest services in order to have an evaluation done on your property. This will let you know what is happening both inside and outside of your home and what can be done.  If there are issues, they can let you know of all the possible methods available in order to take care of the situation quickly and effectively. Even better, they will use environmentally responsible pest control methods in order to lower risk and keep your home safer for children and pets.

Don’t let summer time pests drive you mad. Contact professional Bloomington exterminators and enjoy a summer that is as free of pests as can be.