Bats have gotten a bad rap.  People fear them more for the images from movies and television than from any of the bats’ own actions.  Bat extermination is one of the most common requests that any pest exterminator receives.  A home owner should not forego their ideals of using green methods just because he has bats in his attic.  

These creatures are amazing, however unattractive they may be.  These small, winged mammals are a crucial part of the environment and very beneficial to humans.  A colony of bats is basically a flying insect control platoon.  Most Elkhart pest control companies can only hope to be a fraction as successful at getting rid of bugs as a bat can be!  

For all their benefits, bats do deserve some small measure of the revulsion that most people feel toward them.  They are notorious for carrying rabies and are usually infested with bat bugs, ticks, fleas and parasites.  These animals are very useful when they live outside but they are nothing you want to see inside your home.  

Around South Bend and Bloomington, pest control companies are often called to get rid of the Big Brown or Red Bat.  Many home owners want them poisoned but this is not legal, much less eco-friendly!  There are no chemicals registered in the state of Indiana for the killing of bats.  The only way to get rid of bats is by bat-proofing.  

Bat-proofing is a type of IPM. Integrated Pest Management uses a combination of green techniques, preventative measures and common sense and plant-based pest control substances to keep your home free of pests.  This system is both eco-friendly and effective. 

The good thing about bats is that they are predictable.  They all leave their roost together, as a colony, each night at about the same time.  Bat extermination technicians will block, fill or repair any gaps or holes bats are using as their entries and exits and leave only their main exit point as a means of escape.  Once the colony leaves for the evening to feed, technicians will seal off the main entry and thus prevent the bats from reentering your home.   

Bat proofing needs to be performed with a certain amount of knowledge.  A bat elimination company needs to know about the life cycle and nesting habits of the bat in order to time their efforts for the optimum results.   They are smart creatures and have been known to return to a roost after being removed and relocated up to 150 miles away.  Young Environmental Solutions is a quality pest management company that can eliminate your bat problems and make sure they will not be bothering you again.