Your grandmother may have packed things in moth balls to keep problems at bay, but few people go to drastic measures like that anymore. Are clothing moths even something people worry about these days? Absolutely, and you may want to be a bit concerned in your house too.

What Are They?


Scientifically named Tineola bisselliella, clothes moths are fabric devouring pests that can infest your home almost anywhere, but they tend to like warmer areas of the country best. It’s hard to notice them, though, until you see a real problem because they like to hide as soon as they’re disturbed. They are usually gold with reddish brown hairs across the top of their heads. You may also notice golden hairs along their wings. The wings tend to span about a half inch in length, but they fly very weakly. While other kinds of moths love the light, these like to hide in the darkness of your closet or bureau.

Damage Done

These kinds of moths love to feed on wool clothing or even carpets and rugs. In some cases, you might actually find them in upholstered furniture that has been stored or even the wool felt pads inside a piano. If you have items that have a synthetic blend of fabrics in your home, but it also contains wool, they’ll eat that too. You often find damage in the most hidden locations of these fabrics and products because it’s darker and quieter there. Usually those fabrics with food stains are the most commonly damaged.


It’s actually harder than you think to prevent these problem pests. In most cases, you’ll need to call in the help of a pest control professional if you suspect an infestation. Concerned? Contact Bloomington pest control company Young Environmental for help as soon as you notice any problem with clothing moths in your home.