It seems almost everyone has made at least one change in their lives to help go green. Whether you’re simply driving a fuel efficient car or you’re using CFL light bulbs these days, those changes don’t often even get considered when you see a roach on your counter and call the exterminator. If you haven’t even thought about green pest control, though, you certainly should. Hundreds of companies like Young Environmental Services are enrolling in the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) to help move their commitment to the planet forward.

Understanding PESP

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While this program is expanding fast, it’s far from new. It was initially established in 1994. The mission of the program is to help reduce damages in businesses and homes and agricultural settings from traditional pesticides. The EPA relies on companies like Young Environmental Services to sign up for the program and, thus, help to reduce the problems often associated with the pesticides that have been so commonly used.

Understanding the Process

Young Environmental Services is moving right now to grab the best new practices in the industry so that the first line of defense against pest infestation doesn’t have to be pesticides. The EPA is helping by providing them the information about programs like Integrated Pest Management or IPM. Customers who choose IPM get the information they need about the pests themselves as well as ways to deal with them that have the least possible environmental impact. The EPA publishes standards for services like IPM as well as assistances so Young Environmental Services and companies like it can choose the eco-friendly methods that are already out there as well as those that are currently being developed.

Integrated Pest Management: A Quick Primer

The key point for much of the EPA’s program is Integrated Pest Management, so it may help a little to know what that is. Pesticides are, truly, a good way to get rid of pest problems. They deal with it quickly, but there have always been some risks with pesticides, and people’s knowledge of those risks are growing. Integrated Pest Management helps to deal with those risks.

Companies like Young Environmental Services take into account a knowledge of the life cycle of the pest being dealt with, how they interact with the environment, then they find the best method of dealing with the pest, but they choose the one that is the least hazardous too. Keep in mind that at some point, using a pesticide might actually be necessary, but other things will probably be tired first. Take a mouse infestation for example. The first thing your exterminator might do, using this program, is help you spot areas of your home that rodents may enter, then seal up those problem areas.

Integrated Pest Management takes all options into account, then chooses the ones that will help to deal with the problem without hurting the environment.

This approach has already helped thousands of people go green in every area of life, and it can help you too. Contact residential and commercial pest control professionals at Young Environmental Services for more information.