Birds are creatures of habit. Every year, migratory birds return to the same patch of land to rest. If they are stationary birds, they rarely change their perching and nesting locations. As months get colder, birds will be looking to migrate further south, or get ready to nestle down for the winter.

Although they are great for controlling the insect population, birds come with their own set of problems. Birds can transmit 40 diseases through their droppings, including histoplasmosis and salmonella. Their droppings contain property-damaging uric acid, as well as release harmful spores into the air. Not only do they destroy properties, they also carry parasites, ticks, and mites on their wings, which can spread in the new environment.

Because the killing and trapping of many birds are unlawful, bird deterrents are key. Here are three basic methods for preventing a bird from nesting on your property:

  1. Cut off their food supply. Leaving bird food on the ground or easily accessible to all bird types can draw unwanted, nuisance birds to your property. By simply removing their food source, you make your property a less desirable location to nest.
  2. Create movement. Birds are easily frightened, and are not fond of movement. Creating a bird deterrent wind chime out of shiny, noisy materials, like pie tins, can help. As the tin catches both the light and the wind, it will make a slight noise and a flash of light that many birds find unnerving.
  3. Construct barriers. Birds tend to build their nests in attics, eaves, porches, and rafters. Make it harder for the birds to nest by closing off all outdoor entrances to your these locations with chicken wire fencing or heavy netting. Place a bird deterrent wind chime or other moving, shiny object to your near your barriers to make the location even less desirable.

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