We all know rats spread disease, destroy your property and infect your food. If they ever find a way to enter your home or your business, they will also bring uninvited parasites like ticks, lice and fleas. As early as now, be aware of the signs listed below if you have some lurking in your home.

1. You will often see rat droppings in concentrated places for rats generate around 40 droppings each night. The droppings resemble a large grain of rice, are dark brown, narrow and shaped like a spindle of around 9mm – 14mm long.

2. A sign that you have rats roaming around your property is when you hear scratching noises. Roof rats or black rats are agile climbers, which is why it is easy for them to climb on upper floors or loft spaces. They might be the ones who are making the scratching noises you always hear at night.

On the other hand, brown rats are poor climbers. You will hear them moving below your floorboards, sheds and decking. Also, you can identify them when you hear a grinding noise that they make with their teeth.

3. Rats leave clear footprints in your attic, closet or other dusty rooms in your building. If you want to make sure if they are still infesting your property, scatter talc or fine flour near the footprints and check for tracks the day after.

4. Rats construct their nests made from shredded materials, like fabrics and newspapers in warm and obscure places. It usually carries young rats and located near a source of food. Inspect under and behind appliances, such as freezers, fridges or anything near the kitchen.

As soon as you spot any of the above signs, get in touch with us immediately because the rats breed quickly. Don’t sacrifice your family’s health and your property by ignoring the signs.

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