Pests are unwanted guests for any property owner. Who would like to see wasps and termites chewing off their valuables, and who would want to stay up all night with bed bugs as their bed mates? Pest issues plagued several regions of the US recently. Here is an incident that made the news, in case you missed it.

Murderous Wasps in Michigan

Wasps chewed on black ash trees that have been an important part of the basket-making tradition of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians in the Detroit suburbs. Because the problem became so severe, local arborists called Michigan State University plant pathologist David Roberts to diagnose the problem.

In a article last December 30, Roberts revealed the discovery of a never-before-seen species of white beetle larvae which chewed the tree from the inside and blocked off its nutrient supply. The pathologist and horticulture agent for Southeast Michigan thinks that the warming climate is the primary reason behind it, as with many other wasp infestation cases.

Pest-free Crops in Wisconsin

Meanwhile, although all kinds of pests continue to affect various agricultural industries in other areas of the US, Wisconsin seems to have it good. A report from the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin claims that most major crops in the area are now free of pests. The report cites a significant drop in bug and rootworm beetle populations, compared to the previous years.

Cutworm moth numbers also decreased significantly, reverting to what the bulletin calls a “moderate level”. Overall, the agricultural sector in Wisconsin has enjoyed a positive year of healthy and pest-free produce.

Pest issues are common in many parts of the world, not just the US, and these news articles prove that it is a concern that has to be addressed. Don’t wait for the problem to get out of hand.

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