Spring may bring warmer temperatures to Indiana, but it also means a generally wet climate. Besides worrying about the rain, however, think about the unwanted housemates that the season could bring to your property as well.

The season could mean new housemates that come in the form of ants, bees, and spiders. Here’s what you can do to avoid unpleasant run-ins with pests.

Carpenter Ants

Much like bears that hibernate during the winter, carpenter ants go into hiding to protect themselves from the cold. Once the spring season comes along, however, they will start coming out in search of food and a new location to establish their colony — and you don’t want that new location to be your yard or along the wooden structures of your home.

Prevent a colony from sharing your home by correcting moisture problems, trimming your trees, and sealing cracks in your house foundation.

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Whether it’s a nest of yellow jackets or a colony of bald-faced hornets, sharing your residential property with stinging insects is never pleasant. One wrong move and you, your kid, or even your dog could end up stung, red, and swollen all over.

These pests normally look for a place to relocate and re-establish colonies after winter, so be on high alert for them. When a hive settles in your property, ask a professional to help you get rid of it safely and sting-free.

House Flies

On the surface, house flies do not seem as harmful as carpenter ants and yellow jackets, but too many of them could affect your family’s health. They could spread germs and transmit illnesses such as food poisoning, cholera, and diarrhea.

With that said, don’t be too quick to open the doors and windows to welcome the warmer temperature after winter. They’ll think it’s an invitation to come in and give you trouble.


Spiders generally thrive in deserted areas and places like basements and attics. During spring, however, they also come out to see the light of day and, more importantly, search for other insects to prey on. In a way, seeing spiders is helpful because it’s a telling sign that other insects inhabit your house.

Nevertheless, you need to manage their number. When insecticide and routine cleaning do not work, contact a pest exterminator to get rid of them for you.

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