When talking about household pests, a few familiar critters are in the discussion: cockroaches, rats, termites, and even ants. They’re the usual suspects, as one may call them. But what if luck doesn’t go your way and brings an extremely strange house guest (or shall we say, “guests”) in? Those strange house guests are bats. Yes, those bats that you thought lived only in caves.

Yes Pest Pros acknowledges the fact that bats can literally infest a typical home. About 40 bat species live in the U.S. and Canada alone, though not even a handful cause any real threat to humans. But what even brings them to a home, anyway? Two reasons: feeding and babysitting.

What Draws Bats To A Home

Do you have an insect problem already? That can serve as a prerequisite to a bat infestation. Insects that linger around your home present a ready food source. Once they establish your abode as a feeding ground, other bats are likely to join in. In turn, they convert spaces like attics into a breeding ground. Bats can raise their offspring in nondescript areas and even go undetected for years.

Signs Of An Infestation

Let’s say you found an odd bat flying around your property. That is not an obvious sign of infestation yet. Maybe the animal just unknowingly found its way to your home while looking for food. But there are several things you should watch out for.

Try looking around for black or brown stains that couldn’t have come from anything else in your home. Those are likely caused by bats leaving and entering an opening. As they do so, the oils in their fur get deposited.

Strange squeaking noises can also herald an infestation. Know that bats use sound to navigate dark places. And lastly, look for strange-looking excrement full of insect parts — these are obviously bat droppings.

Truth be told, there are limited pest solutions for non-pros in terms of dealing with a bat infestation. Let us take care of the problem for you. Our team of trained inspectors, exterminators, and pest control experts have the means and skills to put aside an infestation for good, even a bat-induced one. Call us now to solve your bat problems.