Termite Control

If Your Neighbor is Getting Termite Treatment, Should You Be Worried?

It’s one thing to see a neighbor’s house get fumigated. Everyone bombs their houses with insecticide from time to time as a general form of pest control. But it’s different when it comes to termites. They’re a historically invasive species, and if your neighbor’s pest guy drives them away, should you worry?

If your neighbor’s recently […]

Termite Magnet: Gardening Habits that Lure Termites to Your Home

Many people consider gardening a wonderful hobby. They get to cultivate beautiful flowers and plants, as well as turn their yard into a lush paradise. While gardening can be a fun activity, it may also unintentionally create a haven for termites. Thus, it’s important to take note of these termite-luring gardening habits, so you can […]

The Scary Truth About Termites

A termite infestation is quite easy to determine. Check your home and search for a few holes, or pound on your wooden walls, floorboards, and ceilings. If you hear a hollow sound or see unusual cracks or holes on the wall, do not ignore them. Termites are already chewing through your home, and it is […]

How Fast Do Termites Eat Wood?

Termites are the bane of homeowners. They can do extensive damage to structures by eating away at wood and cellulose-based features that may not be visible without careful inspection. These insects may be tan, brown or black and are often mistaken for ants.

How Quickly can Termites Damage Structures?

According to agricultural extension experts at the University […]

Common Pests in Indiana

Indiana experiences extreme seasonal temperature changes. These changes may be enough to eliminate certain pests, but there are bugs that thrive under any conditions. The key to effective pest control is to understand the nature of the infestation starting with accurate identification of the bugs causing the problem. Integrated pest management is a strategy that […]

Spring Swarmers: Keep an eye out for these winged pests

Flowers and trees aren’t the only things that come to life during the spring. So do bugs.

Spring is the beginning of pest control season. Many pests that have been dormant in or around our homes are now becoming active and wreaking havoc. Homeowners should especially keep an eye out for termite swarmers.

According to a recent […]

Termite Season is Almost Here! Destroy This Pest Before It Destroys Your Home

Termites are a particularly nasty pest species. While no pest is welcome in the home, the termite is one that should be removed as soon as possible. The longer termites are left, the more damage they can do. This guide will help you identify termite infestation, make you aware of the damage that can be […]

Need a Bloomington Termite Exterminator? Contact Young Environmental Solutions!

Termites do billions of dollars in damage to homes and properties each year, and finding the right help isn’t always easy. When you need a Bloomington termite exterminator, where should you turn? This quick guide can help you make the right decision.

Look for a company that offers a guarantee.  Remember that it’s certainly possible for termites […]

Are You Facing Carpenter Ants or Termites In Your Home?

Wood destroying pests like carpenter ants and termites do more than $1 billion in damage to homes and businesses each year. Worried? You probably should be. Your home could easily be next, but which will you fall victim to and how will you tell the difference? This quick guide can help.

What Do They Look Like?

Termites […]

The Importance of Summer Termite Treatments

For many people, their homes are the single biggest investment they will make in a lifetime. The prospect of jeopardizing that is terrifying. Yet thousands go without termite treatments on a regular basis. Given that termites do billions of dollars in damages to homes just like yours every day, would not it be safer to […]