Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is Key

Those lengthening days and warmer temperatures give everyone a little extra spring in their step and the desire to start on a new project. By getting your spring cleaning done now, you’ll be ahead of the game, and you’ll be sure you don’t have any unwanted houseguests to contend with come summer.

Basement and Attic

These storage […]

Spring Cleaning and Pest Prevention

A thorough spring cleaning can help protect your home against pest infestations. As you prepare to dust, mop and scrub, here are a few tips to help your hard work pull double duty and protect your home against pests.

Organize Your Garage 

Cluttered spaces provide plenty of hiding places for sneaky pests, so begin your garage makeover […]

Three Tips for Finding “Wintering” Pests Around Your Home

It’s time to open up the windows and get down to spring cleaning. After months of harsh, cold air, you may find that you weren’t the only one living in your home during the winter.

Even the savviest of weatherproofing homeowners need to inspect their homes for pests that have “wintered” in their houses. Here are […]