Pest Control

Are Those Flying Ants or Termites? Here’s How to Tell What’s Infesting Your Home

You see them swarming around the bottom of the wooden walls in your home. You look closer at them, letting your eyes follow them as they crawl towards a little hole in the baseboard. You know you must get rid of them, but you aren’t sure how because you can’t tell exactly what kind of […]

The Truth About Termites: They Eat Your Clothes, Too

Termites take a short time to intrude your home and eat all things made of wood. Despite its reputation as a wood-eating pest, though, it also affects other unsuspecting items lying around at home. The pest can cause great damage to your clothes.

Termites Eat Almost Anything with Cellulose

Thousands of termites species exist. What’s binding these […]

How Integrated Pest Management Works

Globalization and increased mobility in recent decades have allowed increasing numbers of invasive species to cross geographic borders.
This has complicated the task of pest management, but strategies are now available that effectively control pests while posing few risks to the environment.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a broad-based, effective, and environmentally sustainable approach that relies on […]

Don’t Let Rats Eat Your Investments

Rats can thrive in any type of property, and your business establishment is no exception. If left unsolved, rat infestation can cause a range of problems, including serious health issues and structural damage.

You don’t want those long-tailed rodents to destroy your investments, reputation, and everything you’ve worked hard for. Yes Pest Pros, Inc. would like […]

Common Pests in Indiana

Indiana experiences extreme seasonal temperature changes. These changes may be enough to eliminate certain pests, but there are bugs that thrive under any conditions. The key to effective pest control is to understand the nature of the infestation starting with accurate identification of the bugs causing the problem. Integrated pest management is a strategy that […]

When Bats Attack: The Many Diseases They Transmit

When talking about pests, termites, bees, bugs and other insects are the ones that immediately come to mind. Mice also cause a lot of trouble, so they may come in next. Bats aren’t usually among the first things you associate with pests.

Bat infestation is also common in the United States, and most cases happen during […]

There’s a Mouse in the House: Signs of Mice Activity

Mice often sneak into homes during the fall and winter, in an effort to keep warm and get something to eat. Many residential properties and commercial facilities are susceptible to infestation, mainly because of the shelter, food, and water these environments offer.

The sad thing about mice, however, is that they are capable of causing serious […]

Office Pests: Rats and Roaches Aren’t the Only Problem

When you are working in the office, things running around and between your legs, grabbing crumbs and generally making the place dirtier should be the least of your worries. Unfortunately, pests are often a hard reality that office workers and owners alike have to face.  However, it is not just the roaches and rats that […]

Dealing with Garden Pests and Keeping Them Out During the Winter

It’s bad enough that rodents were pests in your garden during the summer. As the cold months approach, little critters are going to be looking for warm places to hide away until the warm weather returns. Make sure your home isn’t one of them. Be proactive, and you can avoid a rodent infestation when you […]

Summer in Hell: How Climate Affects Pest Outbreak

Climate is one of the prevalent forces in nature. It’s constant, unrelenting, and thanks to human activities, has become volatile. Whatever topic the current debate on climate change takes on, it will affect all creatures on earth. We humans have little to worry about in our comfortable shacks and convenient access to necessities. The other […]