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Gearing Up for Spring: Pests to Watch Out For at Home

Spring may bring warmer temperatures to Indiana, but it also means a generally wet climate. Besides worrying about the rain, however, think about the unwanted housemates that the season could bring to your property as well.

The season could mean new housemates that come in the form of ants, bees, and spiders. Here’s what you can […]

Pest Issues in the US You May Have Missed

Pests are unwanted guests for any property owner. Who would like to see wasps and termites chewing off their valuables, and who would want to stay up all night with bed bugs as their bed mates? Pest issues plagued several regions of the US recently. Here is an incident that made the news, in case […]

Do You Have Rats as Roomies? Identify the Signs

We all know rats spread disease, destroy your property and infect your food. If they ever find a way to enter your home or your business, they will also bring uninvited parasites like ticks, lice and fleas. As early as now, be aware of the signs listed below if you have some lurking in your […]

Beware of the Asian Longhorned Beetle

Trees in Indiana are currently at risk of being completely destroyed by an invasive species: the wood-bearing Asian longhorned beetle.
This is according to Purdue University researchers, who urged Indiana residents to check the trees in their area for signs of the destructive beetle species.
Asian Longhorned Beetle
The Asian longhorned beetle first appeared in the United States […]

Dealing With A Bat Infestation

When talking about household pests, a few familiar critters are in the discussion: cockroaches, rats, termites, and even ants. They’re the usual suspects, as one may call them. But what if luck doesn’t go your way and brings an extremely strange house guest (or shall we say, “guests”) in? Those strange house guests are bats. […]

Spring Cleaning and Pest Prevention

A thorough spring cleaning can help protect your home against pest infestations. As you prepare to dust, mop and scrub, here are a few tips to help your hard work pull double duty and protect your home against pests.

Organize Your Garage 

Cluttered spaces provide plenty of hiding places for sneaky pests, so begin your garage makeover […]

Unwanted Passengers: Avoiding Bringing Roaches When Moving

Moving to a new home can be taxing, as there are many things to take care of. Packing up all of your things, coordinating with the movers, and saying goodbye to friends in the neighborhood are only some of the things that may stress you out. Don’t let these things make you forget one thing […]

Home Remedies to Rid Yourself of Ants: Do They Work?

You don’t have to be a grandma to have a few home remedies on hand to rid your home of ants. The Internet is full of blogs and articles with hints and tips for keeping those pesky little creatures out of your sugar bowl. Some of them are mundane, like placing various leaves and spices […]