Bee Extermination

Wasps and Hornets Won’t Sting if You Contain Them Properly

Warm weather is a natural catalyst that encourages everyone to go out in the sun and interact with one another. However, it’s not only people who enjoy this seasonal gift of the warm months.

During summertime, wasps and hornets, which are the stingiest types of insects, also roam around as their nests reach maturity.

Unsuspecting folks who […]

Bees, Wasps and Hornets, Oh My

No one likes to get stung, especially people who are allergic, but how can you protect yourself from bees, wasps and hornets? Learning to identify the insects that have flown into your life is the first step in protection and control. These tips will help you learn the difference between these stingers.


All bees have fuzzy […]

Are Carpenter Bees Threatening Your Property?

With 500 different species worldwide, carpenter bees are easily one of the most feared pests among homeowners. They have the unique ability to cause serious damage to the underlying structure of your home, and that can create real issues for your resale value. Learning more about this problem pest is the key to keeping them […]