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How Fast Do Termites Eat Wood?

Termites are the bane of homeowners. They can do extensive damage to structures by eating away at wood and cellulose-based features that may not be visible without careful inspection. These insects may be tan, brown or black and are often mistaken for ants.

How Quickly can Termites Damage Structures?

According to agricultural extension experts at the University […]

Tick Season is Here: Protect Your Family Against Lyme Disease

As the winter finally comes to an end, people head outdoors for some fresh air and warmer temperatures. However, humans in the Hoosier State aren’t the only ones who love the spring and summer. Ticks also enjoy this time of year. When warm weather and seasonal rains begin, ticks emerge from their slumber and infest […]

Don’t Let Rats Eat Your Investments

Rats can thrive in any type of property, and your business establishment is no exception. If left unsolved, rat infestation can cause a range of problems, including serious health issues and structural damage.

You don’t want those long-tailed rodents to destroy your investments, reputation, and everything you’ve worked hard for. Yes Pest Pros, Inc. would like […]

Mole Management: How to Deal with the Common Lawn Pest

“Making mountains out of molehills” is a common saying meaning “treating little problems like a big ones.” Whoever came up with that phrase never had to deal with a garden mole infestation! Moles can be a big problem when they take up residence on your property. If this common lawn pest targets your land, you […]

When Ants Go Marching Through Your House

There’s nothing more frustrating than an ant problem in your home. Although an ant issue can appear minor when it starts, it’s only a matter of time before the problem will spiral out of control. At a certain point, it becomes necessary to acknowledge that store-bought remedies are not fixing the problem. An expert consultation […]

Common Pests in Indiana

Indiana experiences extreme seasonal temperature changes. These changes may be enough to eliminate certain pests, but there are bugs that thrive under any conditions. The key to effective pest control is to understand the nature of the infestation starting with accurate identification of the bugs causing the problem. Integrated pest management is a strategy that […]

Pest Sniffing Dogs: How Canines Can Help Detect Bed Bugs


Dogs have a keen sense of smell. In fact, some dog species have more than 300 million receptors in their noses. Since humans have just 30 million receptors, dogs clearly have the advantage. The animals use these receptors to track scents through mud, rain and snow while people ask them to use their sense of […]

Protecting Your Home from Carpenter Ants

Wood is a great material for construction and furniture, but it is vulnerable to insect attacks. Other than nasty wood-eating termites, carpenter ants are the next big problem when having a wood house.

Though carpenter ants don’t necessarily eat wood, they bore into wood and nest there, which could cause significant damage. If they settle in […]

When Bats Attack: The Many Diseases They Transmit

When talking about pests, termites, bees, bugs and other insects are the ones that immediately come to mind. Mice also cause a lot of trouble, so they may come in next. Bats aren’t usually among the first things you associate with pests.

Bat infestation is also common in the United States, and most cases happen during […]

The Zika Virus and Mosquitos: Is Indiana at Risk?

Health organizations are gearing up to fight the mosquito-borne Zika virus, but so far Indiana is not considered within the danger zone for contracting the disease. The World Health Organization issued a global warning about Zika on Feb. 1.

Currently, only those who travel to infected regions are at risk of contracting the virus. The U.S. […]