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Bed Bugs Bite: What You Need to Know About Real Baby Vampires

Count Dracula, Lestat, and Edward Cullen — the usual names that come to mind when talking about vampires. They are also completely fictional, however. In the real world, vampires are the creepy crawlies that reside in and around your bed: bed bugs. They come out to feed on your blood as you eagerly get in […]

Mice and Rat Infestation Basics

Having a mouse or rat inside the home is unpleasant on many levels. Foremost for most people is the “ick” response, commonly expressed by the exclamation “Eek! A mouse!” But there’s more, and there’s worse. Rodents can damage your home, gnawing through your walls and baseboard trim. They certainly have no trouble gnawing into packaged […]

Fall Bird Control: Why it is Necessary?

Birds are everywhere and most of the time people do not think about them.
However, pest birds such as pigeons, sea gulls, and others can cause damage to your property that is expensive to repair. Nests built under the corners of the roof, in the drains and gutters can keep rain water from draining properly.

The droppings […]

Japanese Beetles Are Eating Our Gardens

Japanese beetles have a distinctive appearance, with shimmering green bodies and bright copper wings. But don’t be fooled by their beauty — these .6-inch long, .4-inch wide insects feast on more than 200 different plant species in North America.
They don’t wreak much havoc in their home country of Japan, where they have natural predators. But […]

Do You Have Rats as Roomies? Identify the Signs

We all know rats spread disease, destroy your property and infect your food. If they ever find a way to enter your home or your business, they will also bring uninvited parasites like ticks, lice and fleas. As early as now, be aware of the signs listed below if you have some lurking in your […]

Beware of the Asian Longhorned Beetle

Trees in Indiana are currently at risk of being completely destroyed by an invasive species: the wood-bearing Asian longhorned beetle.
This is according to Purdue University researchers, who urged Indiana residents to check the trees in their area for signs of the destructive beetle species.
Asian Longhorned Beetle
The Asian longhorned beetle first appeared in the United States […]

Dealing With A Bat Infestation

When talking about household pests, a few familiar critters are in the discussion: cockroaches, rats, termites, and even ants. They’re the usual suspects, as one may call them. But what if luck doesn’t go your way and brings an extremely strange house guest (or shall we say, “guests”) in? Those strange house guests are bats. […]

Horse Fly Bites: How to Prevent One of The Most Painful Fly Bites

Horse flies are often confused with regular flies – at least until they bite. It is usually at this point when the victim realize this is no ordinary fly bite.
The horse fly should really be named the vampire fly. It is a voracious feeder, and a swarm of females can relieve its victims of as […]

Yellow Jackets: North America’s Predatory Wasp

Yellow jacket stings contain venom and can lead to dangerous allergic reactions in susceptible individuals, especially children because of their small body size.
Yellow jackets are a type of wasp – different from hornets or honey bees – and can be aggressive. In the United States, there are two types:

Eastern variety – yellow and black […]

Wasps and Hornets Won’t Sting if You Contain Them Properly

Warm weather is a natural catalyst that encourages everyone to go out in the sun and interact with one another. However, it’s not only people who enjoy this seasonal gift of the warm months.

During summertime, wasps and hornets, which are the stingiest types of insects, also roam around as their nests reach maturity.

Unsuspecting folks who […]